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5 Things You Need to Know About Performance

  • A performance indicator is a measure of local health system performance for which a LHIN target is set and the LHIN is held accountable to the Ministry for achieving.
  • Every year, each LHIN negotiates its targets outlined in the MLAA with the Ministry based on local circumstances including demand and capacity (capacity reflects everything from processes, funding, and equipment to health human resources). This is why MLAA targets may differ from year to year and from LHIN to LHIN as circumstances change. A provincial target is an optimal performance result for an indicator, which may be based on expert consensus, performance achieved in other jurisdictions, Ministry expectations or trends over time.
  • The 90th percentile is the time that the 9th out of 10 patients waited. In other words, 90% waited less and 10% waited longer. This measure is included here because it is what the Ministry holds LHINs accountable to, making it easier for you to compare this information with the information contained in our MLAA, annual reports, the wait times section on the Ministry website, and to compare our LHIN with LHINs across the province.
  • Averages are included in the graphs below as appropriate. It’s important to note, by nature of its calculation, ‘average’ is affected by numbers that are unusually high or unusually low.
  • There may be instances where one hospital has unusually higher results compared to other hospitals. These differences could be influenced by a variety of factors including patient choice, patient availability, physician availability and operating room time. Further, the complexity of patients and sophistication of technology differs by hospital and thus can affect wait times. To understand the specific hospital variables, the hospital itself would need to be contacted directly.

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