Archive Performance Materials: Key Surgeries and Diagnostic Imaging Scans

We work closely with hospitals to monitor progress, identify opportunities for quality improvements, suggest the redistribution of cases as appropriate, and facilitate information sharing and the use of best practice standards.

Key surgeries and diagnostic imaging scans includes:

  • Surgical and DI Wait TimesCancer Surgery
  • Cardiac By-Pass Surgery
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Knee Surgery
  • CT Scans
  • MRI Scans

Performance Report Cards


  • It is surgeons/physicians who determine who is placed on wait lists for surgery or diagnostic scans. Wait lists are not managed by hospitals, the LHIN or the province.
  • Patients may choose to wait longer for a particular surgeon as opposed to getting their procedure completed by the next available surgeon. This choice may increase wait times at a particular hospital and consequently, for the LHIN overall.
  • Surgical wait times reflect the time from when the surgeon/physician decides the procedure is needed to the time the procedure is performed. Patients can continue to see their physician and receive treatment while waiting for the procedure. Wait times for CT or MRI scans reflect the time from when the hospital receives the physician’s order to the time the scan is performed.
  • Wait times do not include patients who need urgent or emergency surgery/scans. Patients who require emergency surgery/scans are treated immediately.
  • While wait time indicators are measured the same in each LHIN, comparing LHINs can be difficult. Each LHIN has a unique population with different numbers of hospitals, services and physicians. That’s why, in consideration of their local demand and capacity to treat, LHINs negotiate their performance targets with the Ministry individually.